Overb Drive — A distorted reverb for Ableton Live

peter kuli
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Introducing Overb Drive, a distorted reverb created in MaxForLive. This is my first M4L device and was made as the final project for my Sonic Circuits class in Spring 2022.

I always found myself going into SerumFX or Goodhertz's Megaverb and wanting to distort the heck out of short reverb signals. The results are metallic, resonant, and one of the coolest sound design tools I've stumbled upon. Now it's all bundled into a Max patch for everyone to enjoy!

Overb Drive requires Ableton Live 11 Suite and Max 8. It's a fairly simple device so I can imagine it working on older versions of Live Suite, but I cannot guarantee it.

If you have any questions or issues, or want to share what you've made with Overb Drive, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter <3

I want this!

You'll get — peter_kuli_overb_drive_v1.amxd + a PDF manual

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